Thanksgiving in Eatonton at the Dot 2 Dot Inn

Here’s a funny thing - we’ve never celebrated Thanksgiving, in our own home, on the actual day, since we arrived in the US 13+ years ago. We enjoyed the company of very good friends for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner the week before, but the day itself was normally spent quietly, getting all those odd jobs out of the way (or not). I have to admit to a twinge of self-pity, wondering what it must be like to be surrounded by family on this most respected of public holidays. Don’t get me wrong - I have extended family in NYC and we had, on occasion, spent hours in traffic and then enjoyed a manic 3 days of cooking, eating, drinking and partying with very little sleep. Great while you were there - and then several weeks to recover.

So here we are in Eatonton approaching our first Thanksgiving sans Boston friends and NYC family, but surrounded by new friends, some of whom are in the same boat. And the most natural thing in the world is to join forces and host a dinner for all of us who do not have family close by. I think it’s fair to say that a good time was had by all. Thanks to Erin and Kathleen who helped pull the meal together with lots of efficiency and laughter. Thanks to all our guests who, together, made it a memorable evening. Here’s to many more Thanksgivings on Thanksgiving Day.

Karen Henry-Garrett