Our first afternoon tea.

I think it can safely be said that our first gathering for a ‘high tea’ at the Dot 2 Dot Inn was a success. Judging from the empty plates and the sighs that emanated from the dining room, each course was enjoyed. From the choice of loose leaf teas that teased one’s olfactory senses, and the odd assortment of teapots for individual consumption, I hope our guests felt it was a relaxed dining experience, where the main agenda was to enjoy the flow of food delivered to the table.

For me, the success was also about bringing together a group of people who had never met before, but were very comfortable sharing a table and conversing with each other throughout the tea. Newcomers from MInnesota, visitors from Miami (via the UK), local Eatontonians and transplants from Ohio - thanks to all of you for starting off on this journey with us. Let’s raise a cup of tea to the next time.

Strawberry and cream meringues
Our first ‘high tea’ guests

Our first ‘high tea’ guests

Karen Henry-Garrett