Kentucky Derby and a whole lot of hats!


With only one more week to go before you crowd around a TV screen to watch a race that you might miss if you blink, you may be considering what will not be missed when it’s on your head! Dust off that pillbox, spruce up the feathers on your Sunday best, dig out your Fedoras or Panamas and join the party. Dot 2 Dot Inn is hosting the Jockeys and Juleps Kentucky Derby Gala, organized by Gatewood Schools on May 4th. See details below.

In this time of the 4 R’s (Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, Renew) you might want to consider seeking out a second-hand bargain. If you’re doing a run to Athens, check out Reeds Odds & Ends at 5531 Macon Highway. I had been meaning to stop there for ages because it looks like one of those junk shops where you might find something unexpected. And lo and behold - hats!


I love, love, love buying hats and only deplore the fact that there aren’t enough places to wear them. We might want to put our heads (ha ha) together on that one!


So if you’re going to rock a hat for the Derby - go have some fun trying these on, be good to your planet, support a local(ish) business and a fundraiser on the day and in the midst of all that - you might just find an absolute treasure!

For more details on the Jockeys and Juleps Gala please go to:

Gatewood Kentucky Derby flyer_2019.png

Karen Henry-Garrett