Losing businesses in downtown Eatonton

Southern Unique shop front

Sadly, while we are struggling to get new businesses into the downtown area, we have lost two amazing places in the last few weeks. Sapphira Hair Salon closed after the building was sold. What was truly great about this place was the fact that it served all of the community. Rachel, a black woman, cut hair for black, white, mixed race and everything in between. I don't think we appreciated just how uncommon this was. Having personally heard the comment that 'she won't know how to deal with my hair if she's a black hair stylist', should give us pause for thought. Right here in this small little town we had a community spot that was welcoming to all, had a proven business record and a loyal clientele. And now we don't.

Southern Unique is also set to close. I don't know whether to spit teeth or cry - this store is so beautifully eclectic, with surprises at every turn. It is evident immediately that Ms. Minchy has a great eye and a flair for creating a setting that makes you want to buy. Again, this will be a great loss for Eatonton - a place where you could find something unique and really special. I have tried to send as many of our guests as I could, because it really is a one-off kind of place. If you haven't already done so, please go and take a look. Everything is 50% off - which breaks my heart for Shannon, but as a pragmatist she knows it is better to sell the inventory than to have to find somewhere to store it. If you go in, and I hope you do, say thank you to this brave and lovely lady who really tried to do something different and will be sorely missed.

Karen Henry-Garrett